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Self-Insurance Guide
Save money by cutting out the middleman!

Terms of Service

Contract being signed

Do you want to read a long, boring legal document? Yeah, neither do we. We also don’t want to waste time writing one. So here’s the deal:

Be good. Don’t try to hack this website. If you want to distribute any of the materials from this website (online or offline), use that Contact Us link in the footer of every page and ask first. You’re more than welcome to link to a page on this website without asking for permission, but don’t imply that we endorse you or your website (because we don’t).

Don’t steal bandwidth by linking to photos, images or other embedded materials without permission. is provided as-is and we assume no responsibility for any of the information found here. We believe all of the information on this website is correct, but we are human and can (and do) make mistakes. Information may also become outdated as laws, customs and life in general change over time.

And just because it’s not enumerated explicitly in these terms of service does not mean it’s not allowed. If you do something we consider bad and you try pointing to this terms of service and say, “Oh, yeah? Where is it prohibited?”—then we will add it to the terms of service and point to it. If you do something that is encouraged on this website and somehow manage to hurt yourself or whatever the case may be, it’s always your own fault since we obviously never intended for you to get hurt and you should have known better.